Carnival 2018 photography

A photographic celebration of Oxford’s Big Day Out

Until 7 January 2019, Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital (Ground Floor), Headington

On the first Sunday in July, the traffic on the Cowley Road stops, everyday life is put aside, and the street reverberates to the exuberance, rhythm and colours of Carnival. Around 50,000 people attend Carnival Day every year bringing the community together from the city, the county and further afield.

This exhibiton, curated by arts and heritage consultant Sophie Slade who is also on the Board of Trustees for Cowley Road Works, shows work by the photographers: Jeff Slade, Kourosh Khorshadi, Lesley Murray, Stu Allsopp, William Mankelow, Chris Stonehouse and Chris Cameron. .

The photographs highlight the creativity of the photographers, the diversity of Carnival, and the sheer range of colourful joyful activities on the day. The images celebrate the way that a whole community comes together in a safe environment to share, express themselves, and participate. They highlight the wellbeing benefits of Carnival for people in Oxfordshire.

There is also an exhibition of artwork and structures created by Oxfordshire MIND with the support of artist Emily Cooling and the Pembroke College JCR Art Gallery.