St Frideswide’s Primary School

Mother Earth at St Frideswide’s Primary School

Staff and pupils at St Frideswide Primary School have all been involved in using recycled materials to make their float decorations which go up at the school on Friday 25 June. The school celebrated their own mini-Carnival Day.

Lauren Arbour, teacher at the school says: “The whole school is really excited. We used Earth Day as a starting point for our designs and the younger pupils have looked at what the planet will look like if we don’t do anything – with smoggy skies and polluted beaches. Our decorations on the Mother Earth theme have been made from recycled materials brought in by parents and pupils to make islands and explorers.”

The Whole School Got Involved – and Loved It! 

The Year 6’s learnt how to sew and made clouds using different materials.

Year 5 and 6’s made birds out of recycled bottles, waves and a rainbow out of an old paddling pool, and wrote prayers about our beautiful world.

Years 1 and 2 children made a world and wrote how they are going to look after the planet and make it a better place- they are real life eco warriors!

The reception class made Mother Nature herself! She is truly beautiful. She is made of natural materials and the children added butterflies that had plenty of texture and materials.