Cowley Road Street Art

Thanks to the Arts Council and Oxford City Council, CRW has delivered many excellent cultural street art partnership projects.

The latest addition, over the summer of 2020 are two pieces by Mani, celebrating our theme of ‘Mother Earth’ and the natural world.

Previously, street art has been commissioned including a piece celebrating Oxford, featuring the iconic Morris Traveller and Carnival, also by Mani, at Leopold street. 

Click on the film link to see a massive 30-foot high mural being completed live by the Oxford Street Art Collective on the wall at Moberly Close

We teamed up with local schools and took them to the Harwell Campus where they were inspired by the European Space Agency and other campus partners to create artwork and structures around our 2018 theme of technology and industry.

Stockmore Sttreet art photogaraph by Sarah Airey
Stockmore Sttreet art by Mani photogaraph by Sarah Airey

At the instigation of Horns of Plenty, Andrew ‘Mani’ Manson created a mural at Stockmore Street, to celebrate the musicans’ 10-year anniversary and connection with Cowley Road Carnival.

Mani creating his latest mural featuring the great David Attenborough, in celebration of our theme of Mother Earth.

The making of the mural – Oxford Street Art Collective in Action.  See the finished art work at Moberly Close just off the Cowley Road.

Oxford Street Art Collective working with East Oxford Primary School
Oxford Street Art Collective working with East Oxford Primary School

Jonny from Oxford Street Art Collective worked with East Oxford Primary School to illustrate their poems and thoughts on the Cowley Road for Carnival 2017.

Mani working on some of his Street Art
Mani working on some of his Street Art

Celebrating Oxford’s role in the sciences for Carnival 2017