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Cowley Road Works

Cowley Road Works (CRW)  is a registered charity (charity no. 1118902) and a company limited by guarantee (company no. 6181276). It commenced work in 2009 when East Oxford Action handed over the responsibility of producing Cowley Road Carnival.

The registered office address of Cowley Road Works is Pegasus, Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RE.

Cowley Road Works (CRW) uses arts and culture as a platform to interact positively with different groups facing a myriad of social and cultural barriers. Through our work we raise funds, awareness and access to cultural and arts based learning events, activity and engagement, regardless of socio-economic barriers.

Access to world class arts, culture and learning as a tool for personal growth, community cohesion and well-being is the under pinning principal of all CRW’s delivery and the essence of Cowley Road Carnival, our charity’s largest, FREE, award winning event.

Photograph by Chris Cameron
Photograph by Kourosh Khorshidfar


The charity, took over the production of the annual Cowley Road Carnival in 2009. Due to its impressive and demonstrable social impact, the charity (CRW) endeavoured to provide a programme of year round access to cultural activity and engagement for the whole community; inspired by the rich diversity of the area and its inhabitants.

Since then, we have been providing cultural engagement events, social impact projects and much needed community cohesion work.

The Carnival is our biggest project and the region’s biggest and most celebrated public event. Carnival is the cultural spring board for the additional year round programme of cultural outreach delivered by the organisation.

The work carried out by CRW is inclusive: it brings together all ages, and all ethnic, social and economic groups.

Around 50,000 people attend our flagship Carnival event each year, confirming a need within the community for such activity as well as its good reputation for high quality content, interactive opportunities and access for all philosophy.

We evaluate our work rigorously in order to be accountable and to improve. We believe our strengths lie in being a stable, productive charity, with low overheads and therefore flexible; we build lasting and valuable partnerships with other organisations operating within charity, third and private sectors, in order to work with a broad range of beneficiaries throughout the city.