Decorate a House Float

What is a House Float?

This year the party is coming to the people, and we want the whole community to celebrate Carnival Day @ Home.

Instead of a parade of floats, we want you to decorate your homes as ‘house floats’. Outside – or inside – we want you to go as over the top as you dare. This is NOT the time for the minimilist look! Take a peak at the photos – see what we mean?

Take Part

Every Oxford resident can take part.

Click here to register your home and take part.

New Orleans, Louisiana  USA –  February 15, 2021: Krewe of House Floats Mardi Gras decorations in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mardi Gras parades were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Designing your Float

You can work on your own themes in designing and decorating your home, but we would love you to work with our theme for Carnival ’21 – Mother Earth.

Take a Look at Alex’s House of Sunflowers

Alex Singleton has transformed his house with sunflower murals on the outside of the home and garage, with a bouquet of sunflowers planted on tehe wall at the front. See what he did.

Get Help

If you are stuck for ideas – or would just like to get some help  –  we have a list of local artists who would like to help. Please get in touch with us if you require an artist for your House Float.

Name Your House Float

Each entry will be registered and added on the Carnival map.

Each house will need to name their float which will be add onto the map.

Applicants will need to choose if their entry is for the outside or indoors.

If indoors, we will need to know if it is open for public viewing etc (All these will be in the form).

Alex Singleton has decorated his home with sunflowers

Keep it Green

You need to plan beforehand what to do with the materials after Carnival.

Our theme Mother Earth expresses our aim to take care of the environment, and ideally you will use as many recycled materials as possible and plan a sustainable process of recycling the material afterwards or of ethically disposing the material used.

Your  Carnival Day House Float Timeline

Register and take part 

May Plan your design

Early-mid June Get decorating

28 June Judging

4 July Carnival Day street party.

Win prizes!

There will be prizes awarded in the following categories:

  • House Float of The Year
  • Best Mother Earth Theme Interpretation
  • Best Budget House Float
  • Best Medium Sized House Float
  • Best Bunted House Float
  • Judges Choice