Join the Carnival Procession

Photograph by Jeff Slade

Colourful costumes, dance, the reverberating rythms of horns and the beat of the drums make the Cowley Road procession a not-to-be-missed high point of the Carnival Day. Hundreds of people join with colleagues, pupils and students, friends and family to represent their community group to parade along the Cowley Road from The Plain to Magdalen Road.

Groups are not limited to those local to East Oxford, we have groups come from around the county, London, and even further afield. We especially welcome musical groups which can perform on the move.

The procession is fossil-fuel-free, so feet, feet powered pedals and wheels and any other ingenious method of moving along the road and making sound without burning fossil fuels is welcome.

We really like to see creativity with the costumes, banners and especially with props – the bigger the better. If you need inspiration or some help with making, we can arrange for workshops with experienced carnival artists and dancers to help make your group stand out.