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T’riffic Traders Day

Our first T’riffic Traders Day 2017

Traders winning team from Thy Massage From left Bee Suphanet, Jane Nepphamart, Mohammed Altaf-Khan, Nicole Rahmi, Baz Paris, Joy Ouisirikun photograph by Sarah Airey

On Saturday 3rd June 2017 the Cowley Road hosted its first ‘Triffic Traders’ day, organised by Cowley Road Works to celebrate the traders along the Cowley Road.

The Cowley Road is the most amazing street for shopping, mainly with small independent traders. Cowley Road Works, the organisation behind the Cowley Road Carnival decided that this would be the year to start celebrating the shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, estate agents and all the other traders to be found along this unique and most diverse street in the city.

Traders were asked to fundraise for the Carnival and decorate their premises for the competition for the best display, won by Thy Spa, traditional thai massage and beauty spa. They had a magnificent window display, complete with peacock and feathers.

Bazz Paris, Founder and director of Thy Spa said: “The Cowley Road is amazing in terms of the variety of the culture. All cultures are here. Carnival is great fun and we are glad to be part of it.”

Runners up in the competition were Premier Lettings and Atomic Burger.