Rocket Carnival Arts Project Leaders

Cowley Road Carnival strives to make the carnival experience as inclusive as possible. We are led in our thinking by a brilliant group of young artists with and without disabilities who completed our Rocket Carnival Arts training course in 2019. These emerging artists and leaders in their field are now trained facilitators of Carnival arts and work alongside our Carnival artists to get young people from local schools and youth groups involved in making, movement and music for Carnival.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our inclusive Carnival schools or youth group workshops or working with our artists please contact director@cowleyroadworks.org.’

Shakeel Marham

Shakeel is a people person and studies British Sign Language at Level One. He is highly creative, and says:

“I absolutely love, love, LOVE Frida Kahlo and I loved taking part in the Icons of Art procession, and due to this I have now become an all-rounder in Carnival Arts. My favourite Rocket project experiences have been learning about the Carnival from experts, making masks, headdresses and lanterns. I also love volunteering at Ark-T as there are so many opportunities for me to get involved with.”

Shakeel describes himself as bright, colourful, exotic, excitable and vibrant. He is especially interested in the tropics, everything tropical and the Amazon rain-forest.

Shane Butler


Share’s speciality is artwork and on the Rocket project he made an amazing football headdress.

“I like football, food, singing, sports like cricket, swimming, rugby and golf and I am an Oxford United fan.”

Shane is an expert in dancing, and trained with the New Carnival Company in dancing in 2018 and 2019.

Tommy Owen-Lovegrove

“I like using wood to make creative products by hand.”

Tommy always likes to work while listening to music and his silver headdress is a shining example of his talent.

Tommy is full of creative ideas and says: “I think its really cool to make Carnival even better.”

Minty Hoyer Millar

Minty is an enthusiastic all-rounder. She says “I love all of it.” In 2019 Minty was awarded the Gold Arts Award for her practise and leadership.

Minty is the Roar Project Assistant Co-ordinator, helping to organise the workshops and support the Roarsomes group. She is passionate about her dogs, TV and her friends.

Serena Louise Spencer Dean

Serena likes to be creative and specialises in creative arts, clothes and making headdresses. She really enjoys costumes for Carnival and beautiful dressing up. One of her favourites was as a policewoman.

Serena has lots of costume plans, and is looking forward to getting her costume ready for Carnival 2020. She says “My Carnival theme will include a sparking dress, sequins, hearts and leggings. I like cinema, art and music and to be with people.”

Tyrone Allen 

Tyrone really enjoys Carnival arts and being part of the ROARsomes because it is such good fun. He relishes every opportunity to learn new skills and made a fantastic headdress of a red devil with big horns at the workshop, despite never having made one before.  He has taken to being part of Carnival like an F1 car to the race-track. “I like cars and have a big collection.”

“Before, Carnival wasn’t something I would go to. But being part of the ROARsomes and doing Planet Inclusive was amazing.”

Organise a Workshop

These young artists are incredibly enthusiastic and keen to pass on their skills and experience to other young people in schools and youth groups. If you would like to organise a Carnival arts workshop, please get in touch director@cowleyroadworks.org