Fire God Mask

How to Make Your Own Fire God Mask

This year our schools workshops are a little different. Instead of making art for the procession inspired by the Carnival theme,  we’re going to make some art projects from home. We still want to learn about the theme for Carnival, which is ‘Mother Earth’ so we teamed up with scientists from the University of Oxford so we can learn about the environment.

In the two videos below, artist Andrew ‘Mani’ Manson shares lots of details about volcanoes! How do they erupt? What makes them do it? Scientist David Pyle from the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Oxford has taught him all about it. Mani will also take you through a project to make a Fire God Mask, inspired by the many cultures around the world which value the volcano and its awesome powers.

You will need paper, a pencil, pens, scissors, sticky tape, glue and as much cardboard as you can get your hands on! We recommend cereal boxes, shoe boxes, delivery boxes, or you can ask local supermarkets for delivery boxes and they will give you a big fruit box! To decorate your mask, if you have it, we will use paint. If you don’t have paint, let’s get creative with what you can find – pencils, crayons, chalk, stickers, leaves, anything you can find. Download the Guide to Volcanoes Information for Parents & Teachers here. 

You’ll need to print your template, and there are two worksheets you can also use to learn more about volcanoes:


Make a volcano fire mask worksheet

Make a volcano fire mask detailed version

With huge thanks to the University of Oxford Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division for supporting this project and making it all possible, as well as Carnival at Home’s wonderful sponsors and supporters.

This workshop was made for the Virtual School for looked after children and care leavers, Oxfordshire, but everyone is welcome to join us in making their own Fire God Mask.

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