Tropical Necklace

How To Make a Tropical Necklace

This necklace would work very well with our Tropical Headdress

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Gather Your Materials

You will need:

We used the printer option of 4 flower templates and 6 leaves per page.

  • Glitter and/ or gems (optional)

Preparing the Leaves and Flowers

  • Glue the leaves and flower templates on top of cardboard/ card.
  •  You can also just use paper. Cardboard gives it more stability, but is overall also a bit more work.
  •  Once dry, cut out both leaves and flowers.

Assemble the flowers

Make Holes in the Flowers

  • Using scissors or BBQ skewers make two holes into your flowers as shown below. The holes need to be big enough that the string can get through.
  • Make one hole in the middle and another just above.
  • Don’t place the holes too far apart. The idea is to glue the flower pistils on top once the string has gone through – so you won’t see the string.

Cut the String to Length

  • Using the string, place it around your neck and pull to the front to a length of your liking.
  • Mark or hold your finger where you want to cut.
  • Take off the string and allow for an extra 5cm before you cut. Attaching the leaves to the necklace requires slightly more string. You can always cut your necklace shorter at the end.

Lay Out The Necklace

  • Place your string on the table. Lay your flowers and leaves alongside to see where you want them to go. You can play around a bit and try different layouts.
  • The palm leaves are flimsy. Therefore, we decided to later glue them underneath flowers.
  • We recommend putting some glue on both ends of the string. This will make it easier to get the string through the holes.

Assemble Your Necklace

  • The first piece to be attached to the string is the one on the bottom of your necklace. Place the string through the holes in the leaf.
  • Pull the leaf into the middle of the length of string, until you have the same amount of string either side of the leaf.
  • When attaching a flower start from the back of the flower, and pull the string from behind through the hole to the front of the flower.
  • Use the hole in the middle first and then loop the string back through the hole on top.
  • Continue with the rest of the flowers and leaves until you’re finished.
  • Place the necklace around your neck and check the length. When you are happy tie both ends together – or shorten first if necessary.
  • It might be that the flowers and leaves are turning around.
  • If so, you can use sticky tape to hold them in place along the string.

Glue on the Flower Pistils

  • Now it’s time to hide the string on the flowers.
  • Take a flower pistil, add glue to the back and place it over the string. Press down for a good minute.
  •  To cover the string in the white flowers, draw circles on white paper with a 2p piece. Colour yellow and cut out.
  • Then glue the yellow circles in the middle of the flowers.


Add Some Sparkle

If like us you love some sparkle, you can add some eco-friendly glitter or gems to the flowers and leaves:

And you are ready for Carnival! Why not make the tropical headdress to go with it?

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