Tiger Mendoza

Tiger Mendoza

Ian has been making music as Tiger Mendoza since 2009. The plan for Tiger Mendoza has always been to make music out of whatever beats, breaks, sounds, etc that happen to be wandering past at the time.

In 2017 Ian started going to DJ workshops at Common Ground which were being run by DJ Yaya Jojo (aka Yannick Josse), resident DJ at Tap Social and Handle Bar. Ian says:  “At one of the sessions I mentioned that I was working on an old skool Hip Hop style track and would he be up for adding some scratches. The result was “Wheedle Scratch” from 2018’s Old Ideas 2 EP and to say he smashed it is putting it mildly.”

“We’ve DJ’d back to back once or twice but we’ve been trying to find a way to play live together pretty much since we finished the track for the EP. It was actually Yaya’s idea that maybe we could finally do a set live together from our respective houses – Tiger Mendoza beats and instruments from my house and Yaya with the cuts from his house. We’ve both been streaming DJ sets live during the lock down but this will the first time we’ve done anything like this together.”

You can catch Yaya Jojo’s streams on youtube/yayajojo or check out the Raiders DJ crew at Instagram.com/raiders_djcrew

You can listen to and download music by Tiger Mendoza on tigermendoza.bandcamp.com and on Spotify, etc.