How to Make a Pinwheel

Download full instructions from our Carnival Director,Clare O’Hara, on how to make these colour and fun Pin Wheels 

Gather Your Materials and Tools

You will need:

  • Two pieces of paper in different colours 
  • A stick: this could be a straw, a lollipop stick, or we used a cake pop stick 
  • The tools you will need are: a pair of scissors, a glue stick, some sticky tape and a hole punch:
  • Paper pin fasteners, or if you don’t have these a pin with a long point will work

Prepare the Paper 

First we need to stick the two pieces together with a glue stick:

  • Cover one sheet with glue, line the other sheet up on top of it and press them together.
  • Squeeze any bubbles out.


  • This will make a single sheet of paper, with a different colour on each side:

Make Your Square

Now, like us, your paper is probably a rectangle shape. You need a square. This is easy to make through folding:

  • First take a corner of the paper. Fold it down towards the long side of the paper:
  • Now fold the extra rectangle over, unfold and cut the extra rectangle off

Fold the Pinwheel

Now we’re going to fold the paper into a pin wheel shape:

  • Cutting your square has made one diagonal line along the paper.
  • Now fold the other corners together to make another diagonal line on the square.
  • If you like to be precise, take a ruler, and mark each line into four equal sections.

Make the Square

Now we need to cut the square with scissors:

Along each of the folded lines, make a cut that goes half way to the centre of the paper.

Now fold the paper in half into a rectangle. Use scissors to cut a small hole right in the middle of the folded edge.

This will be what the pin goes through:

Make the Wheel

Now we make the wheel!

  • In the left hand corner of each of the flaps, use your hole punch to make a hole. This can be a bit tricky, so it is worth practicing on some scrap paper first!
  • Fold each corner with a hole into the centre, and push your paper pin fastener through all the holes:
  • If you are using a paper pin fastener bend the back to hold the fastener in place.

Fix the Wheel to the Stick

If you used a paper pin fastener, you can use sticky tape to stick the gold fasteners to your stick.

Make sure you don’t stick it too tight – the wheel needs to be able to spin.

If you used a pin, you can simply push your pin firmly into the stick.

Congratulations! Your pin wheel is now ready to spin in the wind.

Where will you put it? In the window? In the garden? In a local park?


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