Dreamer Streamer

How to Make a Dreamer Streamer

Watch our ‘how to make’ film and download your accessible guide to making your own dreamers streamer.

Gather Your Materials

To get started with this project you will need:

 Ribbon or a thin strip of fabric: 1m long

 Coloured or patterned fabric: 1m long x around 40cm wide

 Light coloured plain fabric: 1m long x around 20cm wide

Tools you will need include:

 A board or piece of cardboard to rest on

 Stapler, Scissors, String, and Sticky tape

 Permanent markers, fabric pens or poster paints

 A long pole: this could be a garden bean pole, a broom handle or a long thin piece of wood around 2.5m long.

Get Making! 

  1. Prepare your fabric

First cut your coloured fabric into 4 strips. Each will be 1m length and around 10cm wide.

Now find your light coloured fabric. Cut it into two long strips. You will have two strips 1m long and around 10cm wide

2. Decorate your fabric

Stretch your light coloured fabric over your board:

Sticky tape one end in place.

Pull the fabric tight, then sticky tape the other end in place.

Now you can decorate the fabric with words and pictures about your dreams and aspirations

3. Tie it all together

Now you can get your fabric ready to tie onto the pole, like a flag.

First, take your ribbon or thin strip of coloured cloth and tie a tight knot at each end:

4. Fasten the fabric

Lie your ribbon or thin fabric strip as flat as you can horizontally:

Now you can place your coloured strips and light strips along the length of the ribbon. It looks nice if you alternate them – one colourful strip, then one light coloured strip:

Now staple the fabric to the ribbon to hold it in place:

5. Tie your ribbon to the pole

You will now have a long ribbon with lots of fabric strips hanging from it.

All that is left to do is to secure it to your pole!

Now you can tie your ribbon to the pole:

Use your string, and tie one end of the ribbon to the string with a tight knot. Leave lots of string either end.

Now you can use these ends to tie the ribbon to the pole. Tie the string tightly. A double bow works very well:

6. Finish

Now use another piece of string to tie the other end of the ribbon to the pole!

Finish and Share

Once you have made your dreamer streamer please share your photos and film. Send to artistic_producer@cowleyroadworks.org or via:

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