Brazilian Carnival Headdress

How to Make a Brazilian Carnival Headdress

Follow the instructions to make this amazing headdress stunningly created by our stalls coordinator Nicole Rahimi.

Download your ‘how to make’ guide for your own Brazilian Carnival Headdress

Gather Your Materials and Tools

You will need:

The Tools you Need are: 

  • Scissors
  • Glue and super glue
  • Additional: (self-adhesive) gems

Prepare the Frontpiece

  • Print the front piece template from the Appendix.
  • Now trace it onto craft paper or cardboard:
  • Then cut out:

Prepare Your Feathers

  • Decide which colours you want your feathers to be.
  • Now you can either print out your feathers or use one as a template to copy onto coloured craft paper.
  • Cut out your feathers:

Assemble the Frontpiece

  • Place the alice band over the 3 extension pieces

Place super glue on the middle extension.

Fold the extension over the alice band and press down for a good minute.

Then repeat with the left and right extensions.

When you glue on the third extension the template will slightly bend to create a beautiful arch:

It’s time to attach the feathers.

We recommend to test where you want your feathers to go and if undecided yet which colours to use.

Glue the bottom half of the FRONT side of your feather (the coloured side if you printed them).

Attach the feather on the back of the front piece. When doing so turn to the front to check the feather is where you want it.

Where the feathers overlap each other, glue them together to strengthen the headdress.

Continue to glue the feathers to the back of the front piece one by one.

Finished! Or Ready for Further Embellishment

This is already such a beautiful headdress.

You could now either decorate the front piece with gems, confetti or some drawings.

Or you could extend the headdress:

  • You can add a second row of feathers by attaching more to the back of the headdress:
  • Again, make sure all the feathers are glued to each other at the back:
  • Time to let it everything dry for at least an hour.


The headdress can be a bit floppy. You can add some stability to the back of the headdress.

 Use the template for the front piece and draw larger outlines to your cardboard or craft paper. 

Cut out and glue your new template to the back of the headdress:

Add Some Sparkle

Who doesn’t like some sparkle?

If available, why not add some gems, or eco-friendly glitter, or colourful confetti, or some wonderful drawings to the front piece of your headdress.

When decorating your front piece we recommend to place your headdress on a pot or bowl so the feathers won’t get damaged/ bend too much.


Time to admire your creation and share it with us.

Send us a video or a picture of the great Carnival art you have made!

We’d love to see these, and share your fantastic artwork across our social media channels.

You can send it to us at:

Via Twitter @CowleyCarnvival #carnivalathome #cowleyroadcarnival