Leopard Print Earrings

How To Make Leopard Print Hoop Earrings

This instructional film and How to Guide has been prepared for us by Nia Denman of Studio ND

Gather Your Tools

  • Earring backs
  • Blade – a normal craft knife will work
  • Rolling pin
  • Something flat and smooth to work on – tile/piece of glass or Perspex. If you really can’t find anything, a shelf from the fridge would work.
  • Something round to use as a template – I made mine from an aluminium can so I could get it exactly the size I wanted it. But you could use a coin/lid/etc
  • A piece of foil for baking
  • Baking tray
  • Oven preheated to 110°C

Get Making

  1. Choose your three colours and roll into three balls approximately the same size. In this video I use approx 1.5cm squares but the amount you use will depend on how big you want your earrings to be
  2. Roll your main colour to about 1mm thickness and cut into a rectangle
  3. Squeeze your secondary colour into a length measuring three times the width of your rectangle
  4. Squeeze your final colour into a length measuring three times the length of the secondary colour
  5. Attach the lengths together so you have three strips of your final colour attached to one of your secondary colour
  6. Roll up sections of this length in the rectangle you made at the start. You will need them to be completely covered and may find your rectangle is a bit small. In this case, just roll a bit extra and stick it on. This sausage shape you have is called a ‘cane’ or ‘stick of rock’ because the pattern runs all the way through like a stick of rock.
  7. Roll your ‘cane’ so all the Fimo binds together and then slice into 1mm slices.
  8. Divide your slices into two groups and make two new rectangles from them by laying the slices side by side. Use the rolling pin to bind the slices and give you two flat pieces of Fimo measuring 1mm thick.
  9. Roll each rectangle up from the long side and keep rolling until you have the desired thickness for your hoops. Be careful not to roll too much as this will stretch the pattern.


10. Cut your lengths to size, ensuring they are both the same thickness and length. Then fit your earring backs by pushing them into one end of the length and moulding the Fimo around them. Make sure they’re nice and secure.

11 Place your earrings on a piece of foil or grease proof paper and use a template to get the round shape of your hoops. You can use a hairspray bottle, a jar, or even a chunky pen (for smaller hoops!)

12 Place your hoops on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C. Do not wear your earrings until they have completely cooled as they will still be flexible when they’re warm.

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