Charity Chill Out Zone Line Up

The longest day – a lockdown Odyssey

 bedd  – music video for ‘Auto Harp’ track with Jamie Hyatt recorded  at sunrise at the start of lockdown in March.

Owen Collins, poet – lockdown poem from the kitchen written on the summer solstice

Wednesday’s Wolves – acoustic duo in a field in Oxfordshire

Ags Connolly – Oxfordshire king of country from his living room

Lisa Fitzgibbon – Oxfordshire folk tales from her studio

Scott Gordon – Rootsy Northern Irish acoustic, Port Meadow

Cigani Knees Up – Hardcordian party circus in a Park in Oxford

Jali Fily Cissokho plays the Kora in Senegal where he is staying for lockdown, usually from Witney! /

Julian Wagstaff (The Jerichos) acoustic song in his bedroom

Premium Leisure’s Chris Barker vintage psychedelic sounds at home

Bronte Shande – soulful singer songwriter at home in Brighton

Max Blansjaar strums in the shed

Rougey Roads Oxfordshire brothers in lockdown in Cornwall

Jonny Payne – Americana sunshine charms in the garden with housemates

Alex Train (Quartermelon) entertains in the garden

Piney Gir  – Garo and The girl from Kansas play indie pop from their flat in London

The Deadbeat Apostles five-piece country soul, blues, rock and roll outfit acoustic in the garden)

The Epstein everyone’s favourite end of festival band play at dusk in a field in Oxford

bedd – Jamie Hyatt – in the kitchen at the end of lockdown performs new single You Have Nice Things – digital release June 2020.

Loz, (Ride) reads the last part of Ulysses set to beats he created at home

The longest day – a lockdown Odyssey is a 2 and a bit hour lyrical journey through one day in lockdown from dawn to dusk, mainly recorded over the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It features a colourful and talented array of friends, collaborators and past carnival performers, to raise funds and awareness for Mind, Restore and Cowley Road Carnival.

All the artists have recorded themselves, without fancy cameras or tech, from kitchens, bedrooms, gardens, fields, parks or sheds – and even from Senegal, where Fily is waiting out lockdown until he can return to hometown Witney!

We begin with a beautiful music video featuring Oxford band bedd; ‘Auto Harp’ was recorded at sunrise on the beach at the start of lockdown in March. Owen Collins performs his stirring poem on the socially-distanced solstice, followed by a chorus of bands through to the end, where we encounter bedd’s Jamie Hyatt once again, as lockdown starts to ease. He sings poignant new single ‘You Have Nice Things’ in the dark night of his kitchen -with considerably longer hair.  Our finale features Laurence Colbert, (Loz, drummer from Oxford legends Ride) reciting a passage from Ulysses to beats he created, invoking hope for the future and new beginnings. (No, You’re crying).

What started as a bit of a daunting task, as everyone has been going through the challenges of life in lockdown –together has created something quite courageous and captivating, almost by accident. Capturing the emotions we’ve all been feeling – introspection, fear, missing loved ones, laughter, tears , dancing round your living room, sandwiches, zooming, birdsong, loneliness, solitude, missing the hustle and bustle of ‘normal’ life, or just needing a hug – and sometimes all in one day!

The film was curated by Autumn Neagle, who has been involved with carnival from the start. She says , – I’ve seen everyone’s favourite party grow and transform through many incarnations to the amazing diverse cultural celebration we all know and love. From street to park, dancefloor to balcony, pub to road – no year has been so unusual or challenging as 2020. Today’s line up would normally be set in the sunshine and flower-filled oasis of Restore’s garden stage, but even so, this year we’ve created something special that I hope we can hold as a memory of these strange days. A huge thank you to the creativity and time given by the performers.


And please donate. I was so happy to get involved, as one of my close family has been suffering in London in lockdown- frustrating with me so far away  – and Mind and the NHS have been helping. Creating this film has made me feel like I have done something, somehow.


Pop it on at home, pour a cool drink, have a dance round the living room or even a cry, I know I did! As Ulysses, performed so movingly by Loz says,  ‘Come, my friends… ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”

For you, my Mariners, and my dad.

Thank you for listening.

bedd – You Have Nice Things is the new single from Oxford band bedd, due for release on 26th June 2020. bedd is a musical project lead by singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Hyatt, Jamie is a longstanding Oxford musician. You Have Nice Things builds on the elegiac beauty of previous single Auto Harpreleased March 2020.


When asked about the theme behind You Have Nice Things Jamie explains, “the track starts as a quiet conversation – almost a confession – that opens up into an unashamed celebration of the mundanity of existence, the beauty of the everyday and our perceived sense of our own successes and failures”.

For a peaceful interlude, see separate film Rumi Hour created by the Rumi group – poetry, music and philosophy with Jay Rumi and friends– big thanks to them as always.