Carnival Bunting

Make Your Own Carnival Bunting

Carnival is all about making something great from very little. At Carnival our bunting is made from scraps of fabric, old ribbons and anything we can get our hands on! It’s all tied together and there’s no sewing involved

Download Your Carnival Bunting How To Make Guide

Gather Your Materials

To get started with this project you will need:

  • String
  • Ribbons
  • Scraps of Fabric
  • Scissors

Choose Your Fabric

First you need to choose what fabric or ribbons you want to use.

We made our bunting as part of the BBC’s #GreatBritish Bunting #VEDay75 project to remember the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day stands for ‘Victory in Europe’ Day, and marks the end of World War Two.


We chose to use red, white and blue fabric scraps and ribbons:

Attaching Ribbons to String

First you need to cut a length of string, around 30cm longer than you want your bunting to be. This is so you have some string each end to tie it up with.


You can use a simple knot to attach ribbon to a string. We use this one because it can be easily undone

Attaching Fabric to String

Once you have some ribbons attached, maybe you will want to add some fabric.

We have uses triangle shapes here, but you can use any shapes you want. Why not try a mix of shapes and sizes for your bunting?

Cut your fabric into the shape you want. Then tie it onto your string! You can tie it in one place, or in two places so it hangs down like a flag like we have done here.


Keep going adding ribbons and fabric until your string is done.

Enjoy your Carnival Bunting!

Where will you put yours? Ours is brightening up the desk!