Birds of a Feather

Art and Music in Celebration of Migration

Birds of a Feather is partnership between us at Cowley Road Works and Freewheeling. This art and music project seeks to embrace the people of the world who venture forth in search of opportunity and sanctuary.


Taking a bird as a symbol of migration, artist Nicola Donovan will lead textile workshops to create a colourful flock of birds that will sparkle at Bonn Square in Oxford’s city centre for the Light Festival (16-18 November) and represent the beauty and creativity of the many groups that we welcome into the diverse community of our city.

Refugee Resource will have a stall in the square on Friday and Saturday 4 – 8pm, selling Christmas decorations and their cookery book.

Celebratory festival performances of world music and singing will also take place in Bonn Square on Saturday 17th November at 8pm.

This universal flock will then migrate to Cowley Road’s Church of St. Mary & St. John for CRW’s mid-winter community celebration on Sunday 16th December.

For more information: Miff Crockford, Project Director

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