Perform on Carnival Day

Cowley Road Carnival and other CRW events and activities through the year, give hundreds of performers the opportunity to join in and perform in front of an appreciative audience.

Would you like to be one of them?

Around 50,000 people attend the Carnival to enjoy the many musicians, dancers, poets and performers.

We welcome artists and performers of all genres, ages and cultures to contribute and celebrate the diversity of our city by taking part in events and activities on Carnival Day (and other events throughout the year).

For Carnival 2021 we are changing things a little and creating a new stage to celebrate all the communities that make up Oxford and its surrounding areas. This stage, ‘The People’s Playground’ will showcase the best that Oxford has to offer, with dance, theatre, street arts, music and large community based vocal groups.

The People’s Playground will be a focal part of the Manzil Gardens area which will become  ‘Carnival Unplugged’ and will provide you with the chance to really show the Carnival audience what you are about and where you come from. But without  amplification.

Applications to perform at 2021 are not yet open.

Low in tech, but big in heart, we aim to put all our local communities right in the centre of the action at this year’s Carnival Unplugged. So whether you’re a dance group, a group that represents cultural roots, an art installation or a group of people that comes together to triumph over adversity or simply make a big splash of celebration we would love to hear from you.

Cowley Road Works, the charity that organises Carnival, does not program any DJs, These are all organised by venues along the road, so please get in touch with them directly if you wish to apply to play.